It was during a day in May 2016 that Kyle Finn Dempsey, a backpacker and explorer, jumped into his black Land Rover and set out to explore and photograph the west of Massachusetts.

During his walk, Kyle discovered an abandoned wooden hut that, although a part was damaged, generated his interest and his curiosity. He imagined to install a decoration composed of lighting chains, vinyls, soft plaids… Kyle then had the idea to collect these elements and return to this cabin to stage his thoughts.

Once Kyle had transformed the hut, he photographed it and posted his shot on his Instagram account followed by about 10 000 persons. A few months later, everything exploded. His account was gaining in popularity… Today, 492 000 persons follow him !

Kyle was employed in a pasta manufacturing business. Thanks to the enthusiasm generated by his account with this famous hut, he left his job to concentrate full-time on Instagram.

Today, Kyle continues to amaze his community with road trips and discovered magical places in the middle of mountains and forests. Love it !