With the Camera Selfies project, German photographer J. Flynn Newton used the Selfie trend to remind us the origins of photography.

«  What happens when photo cameras would come up with the idea to take selfies? Historical, bizarre and beautiful cameras capture photos of themselves… on background of contemporary wallpapers. »

Nowadays, photography is not special anymore. Our phones are filled with photos that we no longer look at, taking a picture has nothing magic. In the days of analog cameras, photography had a strange and unique aspect, which disappeared with the arrival of digital. By using old cameras J. Flynn Newton wants to preserve the authenticity of the practice, and bring these devices back to life. “I intended to take their very intimate “self portraits” in order to capture their “personalities”.

J. Flynn Newton started photography at the age of 6 with a Agfa Silette that he still owns. Today, he lives in Germany and works as a designer in his own agency, in addition to his photographic activity.