Since 2011, the Food Photographer of the Year Awards has been celebrating the best food-related imagery from both professional and non-professional photographers around the world. Going beyond sumptuous food photography, the categories creatively explore food’s cultural and social role in society. This year’s winning shot was awarded to Chinese photographer Jianhui Liao, whose photo of a village eating noodles in China’s Shexian province bested the 9000 other pre-selected submissions. Sponsored by the apple brand Pink Lady, the winning images are to be displayed during a five-day public exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London. More of winning shots below.

1st Place, Bring Home the Harvest © Kazi Mushfiq, Bangladesh

1st Place, Champagne Taittinger Wedding Food Photographer © Tiree Dawson, United Kingdom

1st Place, Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year – People © Mick Rock, United Kingdom

1st Place, Food Bloggers © Aimee Twigger, United Kingdom

1st Place, Food for Celebration © Jianhui Liao, China

1st Place, Food for Sale © Elise Humphrey, United Kingdom

1st Place, Food for the Family © Sanghamitra Sarkar, India

1st Place, Food in the Field © Andrew Newey, United Kingdom

1st Place, Food Stylist Award © Kim Morphew, United Kingdom

1st Place, Fujifilm Award for Innovation © Michael Hedge, United Kingdom

1st Place, InterContinental Food at the Table © Giles Christopher, United Kingdom

1st Place, Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture © Nick Millward, United Kingdom

1st Place, On the Phone © Matt Wilson, Chile

1st Place, Street Food © Debdatta Chakraborty, India