Montreal photographer Melike Dez has recently launched a new poetic photographic series where, once again, the dance takes the streets for the greatest pleasure of our eyes.

Five dancers from Alonzo King Lines Ballet came from San Francisco for the 2018-2019 Dance Dance season in Montreal. «Some of them are my friends, as soon as I knew they would be visiting our metropolis, it was imperative for me to create something with these talented people», she says.

A few months earlier, the wedding and party dress designer Maria Arciero had contacted the photographer to collaborate. The artist has used these pieces to sublimate the physical prowess she highlights with splendour. «It’s been a long time since I wanted to «marry» (!) ballet and wedding dresses. I was happy to see my vision come true finally. Despite the cold temperatures, female and male dancers began to dance in the streets of Montreal dressed in taffeta, lace and tulle.»

The dancers in this series are Ashley Mayeux, Adji Cissoko, Shuaib Dee Elhassan and Madeline DeVries. Follow Melika Dez’s many projects on Instagram.