Tom Murphy is a wildlife photographer, in love with the natural environment that surrounds him and who always yearns to learn more about it. Thirty-three years ago, he became the first person licensed to teach photography in Yellowstone National Park. More than being just aesthetically good, his work is also interesting and lets us discover and share moments in an animal’s life. « I always have a good day when I am outside, even if I don’t make a photograph, because I learn and see something new each time », he says. His photographs are also a way to start a reflection on the viewer, « I want to dedicate my time to the natural world. I want to show others that nature is beautiful. If people see it as beautiful they give it value. Once something is perceived as valuable, then it becomes worth preserving », says he about that. Raised on a 7500-acre cattle ranch in Western South Dakota, Tom Murphy has been close to nature since a very young age. « I learned a lot about animal behavior while taking care of livestock: their body language, their feeding behaviors, and how they move across the land. These lessons on the western prairie provided a base of understanding for wild creatures around the world ».