Jaime Sánchez is a visual artist and photographer based in Málaga in Spain. This artist creates artworks for contemporary galleries and international brands. Besides that, some of his works are located in Galerie Sakura in Paris.

Jaime has always been inspired by Andy Warhol and Pop Art. His artwork is based on simple and colorful compositions on which he brings a touch of surrealism and concept. But it is only after he visited a LEGO exhibition in New York in 2014 that his work became pop. Besides that, Jaime is also interested by everyday objects ; those people can easily have.

For the 36 Days of Type annual event, Jaime created a photography project called The Brandphabet. His purpose was to make an alphabet known to everyone in using recognizable brands like Apple, Barbie, Campbell’s soup… « It has been a very difficult challenge because everything is handmade. I had to find the right materials to make all the letters and I had to give that feeling of volume and density to make it look real. » he tells us. « It has also been difficult to find brands that fit my Pop Art vision, because not all brands work with my colorful style. » he adds.

Successful bid ! As we can see on his Instagram account, his Brandphabet is very pop !