« I really do believe that beauty is everywhere, all you need to do is to look at things with a different perspective », says Ahraful Arefin. The photographer and artist from Bangladesh offers here a magical series called « One Rainy Evening ». « I wanted to photograph rain in my city, Dhaka. Bangladesh is known for her monsoon and rainy season, especially in the countryside. But I wanted to see how the streets of Dhaka, which are often considered as chaotic and very crowded with people and vehicles looked in the rain. Even though the rain was causing troubles and few places got flooded, most people were actually enjoying it and they didn’t mind getting wet! It was really amazing to see those chaotic, crowded streets turning beautiful and full of colors in the rain ».

« Photography really opened my heart and eyes to find beauty in the ordinary things and I want to share it with people. I hope to make people feel positive, appreciate their surroundings and all those little moments of everyday life a bit more when they see my images ».

 Found more about his pictures on his Instagram page : @monsieur_arefin.