Visual artist Sunho “Claire” Lee has recently released a new series called «Domestic Calculus» where everyday objects become the heroes of a questioning. This time it is based on the observation that the photographs of these objects are often overlooked. However, the scenes she created require viewers’ attention because they appear somewhat «wrong». Thus, it comes to question reality, its distortion and gives these inanimate protagonists an ambiguous identity.

She explains: «Through the accentuated oddities achieved with the use of optical illusion and sensible choices of colours and objects, I ask a few questions: Where is the borderline? What makes a shadow? Does dimension make a shadow or does a shadow make dimension? Can one essence show in different appearances? When is a reflection not a reflection? Caught in the second look, the audience is faced with the intentionally uncomfortable scenes to dislocate their own stigmatic perception toward the reality and to interrogate what the reality is and how realistic that reality is.»