«I See Faces» is a personal project of Spanish art director Álvaro Peñalta in association with Josep Prat Sorolla. Enigmatic and aesthetic, the series presents portraits that seem to play hide-and-seek with geometric shapes whose vibrant colours catch the eye and lead the viewer to question himself.

The concept of this project is inspired by the psychological phenomenon of pareidolia and the universe of illustrators of the 80s. «Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon where a specific, often meaningful image, is perceived in a random or ambiguous visual pattern. The title refers to a homonym movement emerged from social media, based in a hashtag which collects pictures from users that are involuntarily experiencing this phenomenon. Our minds are capable of finding faces in an involuntary way when they look at geometric shapes that are disposed apparently random», explains the artist.

To learn more about the creation of these works, watch the making-of video.

Photo credits: Hellobienstudio