« I kind of got into photography by accident. I bought my first camera to document my travels but I got more and more into it, until it became almost an obsession ! » reveals Teemu Jarvinen. This Finnish born and Dubai based photographer is a real self-taught that has learnt everything he knows with online courses, youtube videos and « lots of practice ». With these two series called « Cityscapes » and « Storms », the artists offers uniques images of Dubai and Singapore. « I get inspiration from movies, such as Blade Runner 2049. I also love the challenge of trying to do a perfect pictures, or trying to make a city look as good and special as possible without retouches ».

« I always loved urban photography. Cities interest me a lot more than nature. The storm series begun by accident when I was shooting a timelapse in Singapore and a storm arrived in the background, after that I started to look for them to continue the series ».

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @teemu.jpeg