Winter is now well established. What’s better than discovering the art of living and landscapes of the Far North? We must discover the world of Scandinavian artists, along with Fjørd, the fresh-tasting dessert. This region has spent very long nights in the heart of winter, the sun appears only a few hours. We share the photographer Even Tryggstrand. He is the author of beautiful shots of the Norwegian nature.

Looking through his work is to leave immediately North of the Globe. Our gaze is on the magnificent aurora borealis captured during the long winter nights. The play of natural lights start a ballet in front of the photographer’s lens. Armed with his camera and making use of the long pose, he captures every luminous glow from the sky. Thus stars and aurora borealis play the leading roles of this celestial spectacle which our eye will never tire of. Even Tryggstrand chooses carefully the places of his shots: a snowy plain, a shore at the edge of a lake, a road. The artist seems lonely in the middle of this nature that only wants to reveal his poetry. At night, the sky of Norway draws real pictures always breathtaking to contemplate. In Norway, the short winter days offer magnificent views of the snow-capped peaks, the sea-side cliffs or the fjord banks. The landscapes filled with tranquility are revealed in Even Tryggstrand’s goal. He invites us to come and set foot in the land of fjords one day to discover life immersed in nature, to the rhythm of the light of the Sun.

Before you take your plane tickets, all you have to do is go through Even Tryggstrand’s Instagram account to choose your destination. It’s also a nice way to wait patiently for the summer solstice, where the sun will reveal its rays every day a little more. “Scandinavian minutes” that Fjord offers to savor every minute of sun more.