« Nothing is comparable for a photographer than the feeling of freedom, adventure and excitement that you feel when you hit the road on a motorbike, with a camera slung over, in an exotic country », says Sylvain Deffaix. The French photographer took a three-week trip, out of tourists zone in Vietnam last summer and offers with this series called « Vietnam, Landscapes » unique natural pictures. From Hanoi to Sapa, Hà Giang, Cao Bang and Ba Bê Lake, the graphic designer made a real expedition alone, on a motorbike, in these northern cities of the country, to « capture the moments that seemed the most interesting », he says.

« I can’t help but take pictures on a trip. This is for me another way of looking things. For some, photography replaces the look, for others, it’s important to precisely sharpen their eyes before taking the camera. For this series, I left alone and this is a good condition to meet people on the spot and take pictures. No one was waiting for me so I could stop whenever and wherever I wanted and go in search of different stories and points of view ».

Found more of his images on his Behance page : @sylvaindeffaix