« I’ve been expressing myself through various forms of visual art since early childhood », reveals Bjorg-Elise Tuppen. Born in Harstad, Arctic Northern Norway, the artist isn’t only a photographer, but also a painter and drawer. With this unique serie called « moments with the moon », she offers unique nature inspired clichés. « Over the years, I have generated a huge library of nature photography and amongst them many of the Moon. I wanted to collect all these little moments with the moon in a series ».

« The wild and beautiful nature here in Northern Norway is my biggest inspiration. I strive to express the feelings it gives me. The seasons in the Arctic defines life with 24 hours of daylight during the summer and six weeks of darkness during winter, when the sun is under the horizon even on its highest point. These conditions forces you to live according to nature. I like to try and reflect that. Some of the pictures are just pure luck; the moon just happened to appear. Others are planned. I use an app called to follow the moons phases and where it will rise and set ».

Found more about her work on her Instagram page : @bjorg_elise