Christy Lee Rogers found how to give her underwater photographs an air of a pictorial masterpiece, marked by victory and light. The lightness, the freedom that emanates of it, gives an impression of a pleasant dizziness and curiosity. This result follows an introspection of the photographer on the meaning of our existence, which led to new fertile experiments with one element in particular: water. For Christy Lee Rogers, who hails from Hawaii: « Water is life, it’s alive; it’s life-giving, nurturing, rejuvenating and without it, we could not survive. […] Shooting with water is like being in the most magical place, where nothing is bound by this reality and everything’s possible. » 


Shooting often happens in Hawaii, and always at night. The island where water has always had a great place in the life of the photographer and has anchored in her a great notion of respect for it. Each time, her work brings some challenges: « Every time I do a shoot, I think it’ll be my last because I don’t know if I‘ll be able to capture it again […] I guess that’s why I only shoot one collection a year. Everything I’m doing is against most lighting and photographic rules.  And my camera actually gives me a warning signal that my settings are wrong.  So I shoot by eye with no light meters.  These are some of my challenges, along with rain and wind. »