« Allons voir la mer avec Doisneau » is an exhibition about Robert Doisneau’s seaside photographies, a never seen series that will be finally unveiled to the public until January 19th at the Grenoble’s Couvent Sainte-Cécile.

The show highlights an almost unknown work about French beaches and the sweetness of daily life on the coast during the after-war period. The exhibition is organised by the Atelier Robert Doisneau.

Pêche aux sardines, La Turballe, 1956. (© Atelier Robert Doisneau)

La Baule, août 1959. (© Atelier Robert Doisneau)

Les petites filles du bateau. Île de Ré, 1945. (© Atelier Robert Doisneau)

 Le ponton. Baie de Toulon, août 1949. © Atelier Robert Doisneau