«Strange Leaves» is the title of the new photographic series realized by Spanish visual artist Al Mefer. The latter offers us a unique journey through vibrant colours and an almost tangible yet surreal universe. It is with the aesthetics of science fiction that the photographer plays and immerses the viewer in forests and gardens of different countries. We recognize once again his ability to merge current human problems and artistic fantasies.

«This series follows my previous ones: “Alien Architecture”, “The Human-Alien Barrier” and “Deserts of the Future”, in developing a kind of pseudo-documentary in which humans have left the Earth because of the current environmental and social issues we’re facing, he explains. In “Stange Leaves”, this post-disaster biodiversity is displayed, musing over phenomena such as nuclear disasters and the future of nature. In this landscape, the unusual aspect of mutated plants is commonplace in a world where the bizarre is the only beauty left to be experienced.» Follow his work on Instagram.