Montreal photographer Denis Wong recently released a new series that takes place once again in the heart of everyday life and stolen moments. Captured in Valencia, Barcelona and Andalusia, these scenes of life and glimpses of light seem so banal yet intriguing. Skilfully, the artist always mixes photojournalism and artistic street photography. If his profession of journalist influences him never to stage his pictures to remain in reality, he manages to choose with poetry the exact moment and detail to immortalize while trying to offer us a story for each photo.

«I was concerned about capturing images with my own aestheticism: polished images, with a strong graphic signature and an emphasis on the spontaneity of the moment. Whenever I go on a trip, I see it as a playground to refine this vision, and I prefer to go away from the most visited places even if they are often beautiful visually… I visit them, but I do not feel the need to photograph it or, at least, I try to reinterpret them», he says.

To discover more about his work, visit his Instagram account.