Australian photographer Leah Kennedy has recently travelled to Namibia. She offers us an aerial series of several spectacular places in this country where nothing is alike and where time seems to have stopped.

«I have always been interested in abstraction and duality in photography, and aerial photography affords me both of these qualities. The resulting images are, at least temporarily, removed from their reality they take on different forms and in some cases appear to be of microscopic origins. This ambiguity and departure from reality is what intrigues and inspires my work. The Namibian landscape was particularly diverse and afforded a wide range of images from various regions. All images were taken from Cessna light aircraft or helicopters with doors removed using a medium format camera», she says.

The artist, who travels a lot to immortalize the geography of the world, won the prize for the best landscape photographer at the Australian Photography Awards in 2017. Take a look at her stunning work on her Instagram account.