French photographer Louis Dazy‘s works are like nocturnal poetry. His photographs are both oneiric and melancholic, and it’s definitely intriguing us. It must be said that the artist knows how to capture the strange beauty of hypnotizing neon lights and beams of light emerging from the darkness. He manages to create hazy portraits and unique cinematographic landscapes. We’ve met this night-owl continually in search of magical moments.

Which path led you to photography?

I started photography by pure boredom, I had just started a job as an art director in an agency, and I did not expect to be limited, creatively speaking. I had to find an activity during my free time in which I could do exactly what I want. Photography allowed me to go out, make memories and not spend time in front of a computer screen. So it appeared like an obviousness.

You photograph delicate and moving pictures during the night-time where several sources of light are mixed up…

Yes, the night inspires me a lot. It’s quite complicated to explain where I get this obsession for the night-time because it’s something that I do not entirely understand myself! When night falls, I feel really at ease, free from the crowd, the noise, everything is still the same, but different. I mean, it’s almost impossible for me to shoot during the day, even if I do love the sunsets. I always struggled to define my own artistic style, according to some people, it’s «ethereal», «dreamy» and «nostalgic», and I think it fits pretty well.

What inspires you to create?

A moment, an emotion or a sensation. I often have my camera on me, even when I didn’t plan to shoot anything. Because it is precisely the opportunity that makes the image. I rarely stage my photos, and I don’t have a precise vision of what I want to capture. It’s very random, I just let myself go, and I know when I have to take the picture to illustrate what I felt at that moment.

What are your ongoing projects?

I am currently producing my first short film, but I can’t say more for now!

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