The French photographer based in New York has been producing fascinating works for ten years. Between realism and dreamlike aesthetics, his series bring us each time to the heart of a new subject, a new location, with the cinematic and bright shades of which he knows so well the recipe. We’ve met this prolific artist.

You have worked for such prestigious brands as Universal Music, Vogue, Nike, The New York Times and National Geographic. What path led you to photography?

I have just followed my instinct! Thanks to the personal projects I developed, clients contact me in general. The most important thing I think is to never be satisfied with what you do to keep surprising yourself and creating.

I started to take photographs on film sets, and then I elaborated my first series, focusing on architecture, spaces and environmental portraits. I can’t tell you exactly why, perhaps thanks to Julius Shulman and Arnold Newman, two quite prominent photographers in my debut. Today, I use my experience of architecture and cinema photography to create humans and places portraits, and also for my videos.

Always very cinematic, you mostly publish thematic series. What inspires you to create them?

I would say there are small series and big projects! They all allow me to learn new subjects, this learning process is so beneficial.

Cinema, painting, architecture and music are always in my creative process. When I start something new, I mainly try to put myself in a bubble, not to look at the work of others artist and stay focused on the current creation. One series can be done in two hours and another in 3 years! :)

Halfway between photojournalism and travel diaries… How would you describe your artistic signature?

Yes, exactly! I would say my work is a mix of documentary and fiction. There is a real story, and there is a more theatrical and artistic realization thanks to the composition, lights and colours. I like to immortalize my subjects and models in a precise and cinematic way. All of my series have a strong connection and every time I start a new one, it is a new challenge, with the narrative part as well as the graphics work… While keeping my photographic signature. I never look behind, I go forward and create, it’s my oxygen, and it’s exciting.

Any upcoming projects?

Yes! A book about the series «We Are New York Indie Booksellers» in collaboration with Philippe Ungar will be soon released. A series of mini-movies entitled «Cuts» is also emerging. And a big portrait project in Los Angeles! I still keep the theme a secret, but it will follow «I Am An Actor» and «Cinema» series’ concept. I can’t wait to get started, but there is a lot of preparation beforehand.

To discover Franck Bohbot’s universe, visit his website.