Immersing us in Montreal daily life, the series «tôt un dimanche matin» of French photographer Julien Coquentin offers us to admire the city streets with simplicity and emotion. The artist captured ordinary moments: anonymous passers-by, rain and snow textures, shadows and many details making the Quebec metropolis a unique place, halfway between charming old Europe and agitated young North America.

In a poetic description coming along this project, he explains: «So it’s almost been a year since I left Montreal. I often think about it. I remember the streets, the detachment and the fantasy of its people, I remember sensations experienced while photographing, when I wanted to achieve a poetic of the city and the remoteness, an American trip.» To read his entire captivating text, visit his website.

These photographs make us travel according to the seasons and the unpredictable temperament of the city, with delicacy, despite Montreal’s brutalist architecture.