Influencers, actors, musicians, filmmakers and models, from Christine and the Queens to Kyan Khojandi via Iggy Pop or Inna Modja, the prolific French photographer Pauline Darley realizes many celebrity shots, while simultaneously leading several advertising and personal projects. Her striking photos succeed to immortalize expressions, emotions and unique details with sincerity. From minimalist portraits in black and white to fashion series full of textures and colours, her artistic universe amazes us as much as it seduces the fashion and marketing industries and lots of public figures.

You shoot an impressive number of influencers and famous people portraits which can be found in various publications and international advertisements. How did you get there?

In fact quite “naturally”! In the sense that everything has been quite crescendoing for me, whether for opportunities, projects or clients. I came to photography just because I needed an artistic medium, and digital photo began. It was much more straightforward and accessible for me. I could redo a picture, test things, modify colours with a touch-up software. And I immediately went to the portraits. The human is what interests me the most! So I started taking pictures of friends, friends’ friends, models, model agencies, etc.

In 2018, it’s been 8 years that photographer is my job, but I’ve never imagined it to be! I did a master’s degree in the information-communication fields, and it was during my last year of study that I began to be paid for my photos. I wanted to try at that moment, to see if I could manage to live on it. Today I feel lucky to be here, to have an agent and to be accompanied by a strong team who trusts me.

What inspires you in fashion and beauty photography?

Creating in eccentricity as much as in the natural. Choosing to show a particular facet, imagining universes! I love all of that!

What are your current projects?

This summer I would have three or four entirely different personal sessions, I’m really impatient! I can’t wait to see what we are going to create with my team and realize all I have in mind.

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