Enigmatic light effects, contrasting double exposures, ethereal atmospheres and psychedelic urban scenes: French photographer based in Vancouver Louis Dazy never stops immersing us in a chimerical universe. His retro graphic signature unfolds through strong colour shades; hot red, powerful green or icy blue for a striking result on film.

«I always stay faithful to night photography, at dawn or at dusk, it’s difficult for me to shoot during the day. I don’t really know why but I find it just very boring, he laughs. I need the sunlight to be yellow, blue or pink, the neon lights of the city to illuminate the complete darkness of the streets.» Indeed, he has explored neon lights’ possibilities for several years.

The pictures featured here are part of his two series «Still Life»; a photographic story of various nocturnal wanderings, and «Honk Kong On Film». Follow his Instagram account.