Lovechild by Trisha Holt is a series of portraits that combine the works of two artists into one. Holt recreates an image from a male photographer’s work, later printing it out and cutting holes for her arms/legs/nose to fit through. Then she rephotographs herself in the style of a female photographer. This experimental combination helps her set personal perimeters in engaging with the overwhelming amount of images we are constantly bombarded with via the media, our phones, and in art. Follow her on Instagram.

Guy Bourdin + Katy Grannan

Jock Sturges + Laurel Nakadate

Man Ray + Francesca Woodman

Guy Bourdin + Sally Mann

Guy Bourdin + Francesca Woodman

Jock Sturges + Laurel Nakadate

Juergan Teller + Malerie Marder