Nottingham Contemporary is hosting an exhibition of documentary photography called States of America which focuses on a generation of photographers with innovative approaches. From William Eggleston and Mark Cohen to Bill Owens, Lee Friedlander, Stephen Shore and many more. The exhibition explores the period from the Civil Rights Movement to Reagen era, three decades that led to social and political divisions of Trump’s America.

Hyde Park, Massachusetts, 1979 / Photograph: Nicholas Nixon/Courtesy of Wilson Centre for Photography

Las Vegas (yellow shirt guy at pinball machine) “Los Alamos”, 1965-68 / Photograph: William Eggleston/© Eggleston Artistic Trust. Courtesy David Zwirner, New York/London and Wilson Centre for Photography

A boy in front of the Loew’s 125th Street movie theatre, 1976 / Photograph: Dawoud Bey/Courtesy of Stephen Daiter Gallery

Kid looking over at camera, 1972 / Photograph: Mark Cohen/Courtesy of Wilson Centre for Photography