Tomiyasu Hayahisa, former student at the art school HGB in Leipzig (Germany), was used to often watch out of his student room’s window to see a fox. The animal sometimes walked around the residence garden. However, another object quickly got his attention: the tennis table. Indeed, he noticed that the courtyard’s visitors used the table for a multitude of different functions, quite far from the ping pong practice. The photo-series TTP (from de german « Tischtennisplatte ») has been inspired from the relationship that the artist installed with the ping pong table, a crucial element of his daily life during five years.

Tomiyasu Hayahisa1 Tomiyasu Hayahisa2 Tomiyasu Hayahisa3 Tomiyasu Hayahisa4 Tomiyasu Hayahisa5 Tomiyasu Hayahisa6 Tomiyasu Hayahisa7 Tomiyasu Hayahisa8 Tomiyasu Hayahisa9