Stan Raucher is an American photographer. For his series entitled Metro, he traveled in subway lines all around the world to catch daily life scenes. From Budapest to Shanghai including Naples and Mexico, an underground travel to discover the different cultures.

Line 2, Shanghai, 2009.

Line 4 near Les Halles, Paris, 2007.

Line 2 at Montesanto, Naples, 2011.

Piccadilly Line near Hyde Park Corner, London, 2013.

Line 8 near Aculco, Mexico City, 2014.

11 Red Line, Delhi, 2012.

Line 1 at Praca da Arvore, Sao Paulo, 2012.

Line 8 near La Viga, Mexico City, 2014.

Line 3 near Coyoacán, Mexico City, 2009.

The 4 Train near 59th St, Manhattan, 2012.

Deák Ferenc Tér Station, Budapest.

Line 1, Warsaw, 2011.

Tren Ligero, Mexico City, 2010.