Through his series Hide And Seek, photographer Kamil Kotarba explores the bad influence of mobile phones’ screens in the way we interact between humans. His picture capture daily life scenes (such as sitting on a bench, go to the cinema, having a dinner with someone, waiting for the subway) where hands are attached to phones that float in the air. All the bodies were erased and the only element that shows the presence of subjects is a piece of arm holding a phone.

Kamil want to denounce the fact that the virtual world has always competed with the real world. Instead of focusing on physical relationships with people surrounding us in the present, we prefer staring at our phones’ screens and enjoy the incentives that it offers. These incentives of the virtual world is that there are no restrictions of time and space, and that this in-between activity “with no-time and no-space” seems to be more interesting than what we’re currently doing in the real life. Kamil declares that we’re constantly “playing hide and seek” with our screens in the real world.