Once again the Ocean Photographer of the Year has given us breathtaking images. The winners were announced by Oceanographic Magazine and they managed to capture interesting and incredible underwater moments in terms of environment and colors. The competition, which this year was held for the second time, aims to reward artists who highlight both the beauty of the ocean, but also the threats that weigh on it. What the artists have achieved with brilliance.

(c) Phil de Glanville

In the “Ocean Photographer of the Year” category, Aimee Jan won the first prize with her photo of a green turtle taken in Australia, in the Ningaloo reef.  In the “Adventure” category, Ben Thouard took first place with his photo of a surfer on the mythical Teahupo’o wave in Tahiti. As for the public, they particularly appreciated the photograph of Phil de Glanville, who immortalized the surfer Jack Robinson in Australia, in Denmark. The latter won the first prize in the “People’s Choice” category.

To discover the complete list of winners, go to the Oceanographic Magazine website.

(c) Ben Thouard

Martin Broen

(c) Kerim Sabuncuoglu

(c) Hannah le Leu

(c) Aimee Jan