Based on Gadigal Land (Sydney, Australia), Rochelle Marie Adam is a photographer who works within the area of documentary and fashion photography. She formerly worked as a fashion stylist in NYC. After many years spent abroad, she began the series Before this comes to pass as a way to “reconnect to people and spaces in and around Sydney and Melbourne, Australia”, as she explains. However, as she works, the project became about more: “The subtle details that point to closeness, the slow passage of time, and the worlds we build around ourselves through our things, our clothing, and our relationships. Before this comes to pass, I explore these themes, using them as building blocks to create another world, grounded in my everyday reality”.

For the photographer, Before this comes to pass is a carefully constructed series of portraits and landscape images, which come together to suggest a feeling rather than illuminate a complete narrative. “This open-ended storytelling is the path by which I understand Myselfs, others, and the world around me. By creating quiet images situated between the everyday and the cinematic, I reconstruct the world as I see it. I rely on photography’s ability to freeze time and narrow perspective, this world is the stage for an unresolved narrative for the viewer to complete”, she concludes.

More to discover on her website or her Instagram account.