For the fifth year, the nature protection association Birds on the Brink organized the competition for the bird photographer of the year. Pictures from all over the world were submitted to the jury in different categories. Kuwaiti photographer Majed AlZa’abi won first prize and was awarded £5,000.

His artistic portrait of the European knights on the Norwegian island of Vardø captured the jury’s attention not only for its poetic dimension but also for the ethological particularity of the photography, which perfectly illustrates the behavior of these birds.

“We are looking for the cliché that will drive us crazy, that moves us almost unanimously, if you capture this image, then you have a chance to win. When the judges collectively exclaimed “I wish I had taken that myself,” you focused the lens. Congratulations Majed for sharing this amazing image with us – it’s a well deserved winner,” said the judges.

© Daniel Stendberg

© Francesco Filippo Pellegrini

© Gadi Shmila

© Majed AlZa’abi

© Georgina Steyler

© Mathias Putze

© Moshe Cohen