The project “SUPERFICIAL” by the artist Daniele Sigalot questions the viewer’s gaze by playing on the surprise effect and the visual power of images. We see hands rising from the sea brandishing coloured smoke. The smoke seems to float above the waves in a magical and suggestive scenario.

“I am curious about the human approach to appearances, and how the colour contrast between smoke, water and sky prevails rather than the fact that there is a person underneath. The use of a smoke bomb, which in the sea takes on the meaning of a signal rocket, and therefore a call for help, adds even more tension.” reveals the Italian artist.

And he concludes: “From the point of view of the art market, I was then amused by the idea that the most likely of those who will buy these photos will do so because the colour of the smoke bomb coincides with that of the sofa. And again, the title becomes very relevant. Then in fact, I think that after years of working mainly with aluminium and steel, locked up in my studio, I wanted an excuse to go and take a bath and say I was working.”