Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda are a creative photography duo who comes from Valencia in Spain. They have worked on projects with renowned brands like Netflix, Disney or Facebook… They recently figured in the Forbes « 30 Under 30 Europe » list for their « inventive use of everyday objects and natural light » in their photos.

Anna and Daniel are both architects even if they don’t practice this discipline anymore. They met each other at the Politechnical University of Valence and were both graduated from the School of Architecture. « Our shared interest in architecture has completely shaped our way of seeing the world and interacting with it. » they say.

Today, Anna and Daniel put into use their knowledges to tell stories through creative and colorful images that are far from conventional architecture photography. « Our photography aims to blur the worlds of architecture, surrealism, and photography on their own. We bring a new eye on the buildings we usually take for granted in our everyday life. » they explain us.

« Everything started after Anna and I met each other. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true ! Before we started working together, we each had a very different approach to photography. Due to my background in architecture, I began my career as an architectural photographer, which is a very technical type of photography. Taking beautiful pictures of buildings and structures depend on the light, the geometry, and the composition, not so much on the story and/or the creativity. On the other hand, Anna has always been very creative. She has been working with her hands since she was a child. As well as being an architect, she used to be a painter and illustrator too ! She was always looking for the right medium to tell her stories. Her works were full of color and humor,  that was missing in my practice. The combination of our two very different approaches is what makes our work the way it is. The funny thing is that we are not only bringing to our common projects what we know how to do best, but we are also constantly learning from each other ans how to improve in the areas we are not so comfortable in. » Daniel adds.

Anna and Daniel create their surreal images without using photo editing softwares ! They carefully set the scenes in real life by using paper, all sorts of everyday objects, unexpected locations and a ton of natural light. Their goal ? « Sensitize people to the architecture and to the passion of architects for the cities they design. Instead of being relegated to the background, these mundane, but beautiful structures we come across every day are brought into the spotlight in our images, getting all the attention they truly deserve. We hope that by raising awareness to people about the state of the cities we live in today, we might contribute to change the world our children will inherit in the future. » they finally say. We love it !