James Cliburn is a landscape photographer who lives close to Vancouver B.C. in Canada. « It is a beautiful area of the world, filled with  towering mountains and cold lakes. (…) I greatly enjoy exploring the landscape around me; I feel very relaxed high up in the mountains. I also love big cities, buzzing with people and cultural diversity. (…) I am drawn to these two opposites, finding inspiration in the tranquility offered by nature and the excitability of cities built by human hands. » he explains us.

James has an interest in art and photography since he was young. « It most likely stems from the fact that I am a very visual person. I interpret everything through images and photography is a way for me to express how experiences feel for me. » he says. His interest in art actually began with skateboarding and graffiti. « I found myself drawn to certain companies skateboard designs. I enjoyed observing and comparing them. Also, I greatly enjoyed driving through cities and viewing the graffiti. There is so much creativity in graffiti and many talented artists. (…) Graffitis definitely participate to the cities culture. » he adds. As he get older, his interests have expanded into the world of fine art and a more minimalistic style.



« Photography has been in my life in some capacity since I was a teenager. That was back in the day when we didn’t have social media; I had a lot of pictures on my wall instead. Looking back, I have always had a camera with me, and spent a significant amount of time analyzing my surroundings. Capturing photos has always been a hobby but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I decided to focus more intentionally on developing my skills. Travelling has also always been a part of my life, so it only seemed natural to start documenting my trips in greater detail. I love photography because the power images have to communicate feelings and emotions. Not everyone is good with words, and often photos can communicate much more than even a well crafted speech. As for analyzing my craft, I am not so sure what to say other than I simply enjoy documenting my life. In my opinion, I find myself in beautiful natural landscapes or energizing cities that are worth documenting. I think no matter where you find yourself in this world there is something worth being recorded, and for me that is what I seek out regardless of where I am. » he tells us. James mainly shots with a Fujifilm X mirrorless system. « I like everything about it : the quality of the pictures, the aesthetics of the cameras and glass, and the compact size. » he specifies.

Apart from his personal photographs, James started a couple years ago an online magazine called « Stade Magazine ». « The idea for Stade actually started when I was trying to convince a photographer friend of mine to start his own magazine. Rather than telling someone else what to do, I realized I could give it a shot myself, so with the help of a couple others, I have embarked on this project. I have always had an interest in hearing and observing how people spend there time and what keeps them going. Therefore Stade Magazine allows me to combine two of my favorite things: meeting new people and hearing their stories, and also working with art and photography. » he says. A first print issue of Stade Magazine will be released later this year. Its goal ? « Offer a tangible piece of art that shares people’s stories for all to enjoy. » he tells us.

« Photography is a way for me to slow down and reflect back on my life. I often live at a fast pace or at least my mind is always racing. The photos I have captured transport me back to a specific time and place where I can pause and focus on that moment. I don’t often do that in the present, so looking through photos helps me reflect on what I have done and what has happened in my life. (…) I hope that in sharing my photos it inspires others to spend time in nature and/or roaming big city streets. » he finally tells us. Let’s discover below some of his beautiful and invigorating photographs…