The exhibition “The Arctic – While the ice is melting” planned for a period of 3 years at the Nordiska Museet in Stockholm is devoted to Arctic life and the fragile conditions of the region.

This immersive exhibition seeks to highlight Arctic life in its entirety and in particular to recall the challenges faced by the 4 million people who live there.

The central element of the exhibition is a model of a giant iceberg with a deep crack, symbolic of a fracture between the past and the present, created in cooperation with the design duo MUSEEA .
It is possible to walk through the iceberg and discover in the fault stories and objects that present a multifaceted history of the action of time on the ice and on the daily life of the inhabitants of the Arctic.

Two hundred photographs by Michel Rawicki , taken over 25 years during numerous trips from Alaska to Siberia, pay tribute to the bear polar whose fate has become the emblem of global warming.