Gabriel Bascou is a 28-year-old photographer who comes from Montpellier in France. He combines the content creation for Paris-based brands and travel photography around outdoor culture.

After studying medicine and Institute for Training in Nursing, Gabriel finally worked as communication and marketing manager for the Shaka Pok restaurant in Paris, an establishment run by one of his friends who loved his photographs. « I had never shot food and I knew nothing about communication and marketing. I didn’t know what I was getting into. (…) I regret nothing. My work for the restaurant served as a showcase. I then had the opportunity to work with many food brands ! » he said.

At the same time, Gabriel discovered outdoor photography after participating in an instameet organized by The French Outdoors. « I met Nathan Saillet (@nathan.saillet),, Mattéo Belotti (@mattbelotti) and later Nathanaël Sapey-Triomphe (@n.sapey). Together we founded « The French Way » a year ago( and did road trips. » he explains us.

Gabriel has this interest in photography since his adolescence. « When I was a teenager, I was not comfortable with my image. To avoid appearing on photos, I was always the one who volunteered to take a photo of the rest of the group. I liked the camera as an object. But I still didn’t realize that my sensitivity and my sense of observation would take up so much space in my life… » he tells us.

It was after a serious surfing accident that Gabriel, deprived of all sports, learned the basics of photography. « For 6 years, I was learning to use photography through equipment and technique. This often had the consequence of giving me up, because I didn’t like the results. I was trying to fill this disappointment by buying new lenses, or changing the cases. It was only in 2017 that, on an impulse, I decided to sell everything and keep the minimum : a camera and a lens. It was at this moment that I understood that the more limits you have, the more creative you become. It’s this minimalism combined with a trip to Reunion, where I lived until I was 19, that allowed me to flourish in my practice. In particular thanks to the creation of a color scheme that I used for my photos and made them homogeneous. » he continues.

Since then, Gabriel continues to post his moments of life on his Instagram account called « eperdumence ». « My photographs are a log book. I like to think that they highlight the importance of meetings, the beauty of naturalness and simple moments, the ephemeral and fragile nature of life, the importance of enjoying life and the urgency of not missing it. » he says. Successful bet !