Egzon Muliqi is an artist who lives in Drenas in Kosova. He loves all kinds of art, but he is more fond of photography.

This artist started to create and edit photographs 2 years ago. He started to publish his photos on Picsart app and then on Instagram app for being closer to photography lovers.

He doesn’t use a digital camera to create his photos. Indeed, he uses stock images from other photographers for creating new images by exclusively using photo editing mobile app . « I love doing this because this takes imagination and creativity. (…) I create all my photos using phone apps like Picsart and Lightroom mobile. » he says.

Egzon hopes to inspire others with his creations. As he tells us : « I believe that the best use of imagination is creativity so what inspires me is the drive to create creative and beautiful images that can insipre others, to create and use their imagination. »

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