Chris Hytha is a 22 year old artist who comes from Phoenixville and now lives in Philadelphia in United States.

When he started his studies in highschool, Chris started drawing. He spent all day working on drawings of architecture. He naturally decided to become an architect so.

Christ then started practicing photography and photo edition on Photoshop and Lightroom. « When I moved out to Philadelphia, I had an enormous feeling of freedom and curiosity which led me to photography. I took photographs of “urban exploration” scenes sneaking onto rooftops in the city. It largely influenced my current work in photoshop and my way to represent the city in a fantasy way with its share of mystery and loneliness. » he says.

Now, Chris just started his fifth grade in Drexel university in Philadelphia. For his studies, he works in EwingCole, an architecture firm based in the city. « Even though I have lived in the city for 4 years now, I still have this excitement and energy when I look out at the skyline. I love that feeling of standing hundreds of feet above the chaos of the city. I think highrises and the urban environment are awe inspiring, I try to capture their greatness. » he tells us.

According to him, drawing and architecture set him apart from many other young photographers on Instagram. « I have learned to see the world in a different way. My architecture school has taught me a lot about concept and representation. Many times I will sketch out an image in my mind before I work on it in Photoshop.» he says.

You can discover all the Philadelphia photographs of Christ on his Instagram account called « ». « Philadelphia gets a bad reputation for being a dirty working class city… I really enjoy the challenge of making our city look beautiful and helping people to see every day the beauty in it. »