The application AGORA allows international photographers around the world to connect and to talk about their passion. Every week a contest is organised to chose the best picture : 3,5 millions of users share their images to create an incredible database. After 9 months of competition and more than 130,000 cliches, the AGORA Awards 2019 finally have their finalists. You can vote on the iOS or Android app. The winner will be announced on November the 6th. Here, a selection of some of the most beautiful pictures of the year.

Santiago López/AGORA images Henry Do/AGORA images  Jeunes moines s’amusent à Hsinbyume Pagoda, Ling Ling/AGORA images Florian Ledoux/AGORA images Diego Campomar/AGORA images Khánh Phan/AGORA images Clement Eastwood/AGORA images Carles Alonso/AGORA images Zay Yar Lin/AGORA images Sara Pinto Marin/AGORA images A woman makes traditional umbrellas at a factory in Mandalay, Myanmar. Aung ThuYa/AGORA images Bimo Pradityo/AGORA images Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz/AGORA images Michael Aboya/AGORA images Long exposure sunset shot in the District in the city of Groningen, Netherlands (Anskar Lenzen/AGORA images) Edward Panjaitan/AGORA images