Vanessa Mckeown is an artist who studied graphic design communication at Chelsea College of Art of London.

This artist had practiced graphic design, illustration, video editing and a bit of animation, but they never had vibrated her. It’s only when, during her weekends, she loved to realize simple still life at home. « Once I had a few pictures, I shared them on Instagram and it sort of took off quite quickly and I haven’t stopped… thankfully ! » 

Vanessa turns and photographs products into other stuffs with her Hasselblad. She sometimes uses Photoshop to edit her pictures even if she likes to do it mainly all in camera. « I’ve always loved to create things and make colorful stuffs. I love products that people make, just stuffs that I find visually fun. I could just take pictures of objects and that’s it, but annoyingly, it doesn’t fill with me as much as put a barbie shoe on a cigarette or fill a bag with beans ! »