« I always loved the way the mountains become almost abstract patterns when the weather is a certain way », reveals Robert Götzfried. The German photographer offers here with this series called « Abstract mountain » a unique look on Austrian Alps. Unique images that the artist took during hiis long motorbikes rides around the Alps. « I’ve done this for the last couple of years in Italy, Austria, Switzerland and of course, Germany », he adds.


« In spring time when it’s getting warmer, the snow begins to melt and you can see these high contrasting patterns. The wet rocks become really dark and create that great contrast with the white snow ». A beautiful and singular way to see these natural places. « I’m passionate about foggy weather conditions because they makes the world a more quiet place. When it’s foggy, there are no people around and most of the time on days like these, I can drive many kilometers without seeing a single person ».

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @robertgotzfried