In his Musée Imaginaire (Imaginary Museum) series, Romain Veillon, a Paris-based photographer, shows the results of a meticulous treasure hunt. And not just any. As his travels went along, he realized that he had photographed several frescoes in worn out places. « The alarming state of these places and the very rapid degradation of these paintings means that soon they will have disappeared forever. I then told myself that it would be interesting to gather them all together in a series as if the spectator was walking in a museum ». Goal achieved. The majority of the images presented come from Italy, France, Portugal, but also Germany or Croatia. To find these incredible frescoes, Romain Veillon does a great job of preparing his travels upstream. “When I discover a place of this type, my first instinct is to try to imagine what stories are hidden behind the vestiges that remain, how the place lived and the reasons that led the place to be deserted by being human » he finished.