« When my mom was asking me how my day in school was when I was a child, I would rather draw a comic showing how it was », reveals Erik Johansson. The Swedish photographer that grew up in a  farm with his parents and two younger sisters, is a master of photo manipulation. From his childhood spent in nature, the artist always loved drawing. « That’s how I always liked to express myself », he adds. At the age of 15, he got his first camera and « it opened up a new world to me. But I felt like I wanted to do something more to the photos. Having an interest in computers made it quite a natural step to start there. I was playing around with the pictures in the computer, trying to create something that you couldn’t capture with the camera. That’s how my interest in photo manipulation started ».


Inspired « by almost anything », the young artist offers magical and poetical pieces of art. « I think it’s more about a way of looking at the world, there are ideas everywhere you just have to find them. To me it can be inspiring to go to an art exhibition as it can be to look out the train window. I always keep a sketch book with me and try to sketch down every little small thing that I think of, that could be interesting in the future ».

Found more about his images on his Instagram page : @erik.joh