« The interesting thing about parks in China is that they are largely full of old people », says Ryan Harding. The British photographer and filmmaker moved to Shanghai in 2014. During long walks, he met unprecedented situations, unknown to him. He also has discovered incredible moments of life. Finally, he spent more time in the parks. A choice of places linked to his desire to leave the hustle and bustle of downtown where he lives, to find the calm of the countryside just a step away from home. In the middle of the surrounding greenery, the photographer has felt an increased affinity towards these people. « Seeing old people exercising, socializing and sleeping there was quite meditative for me. I felt comfortable enough to approach them, photograph and interact with them when the occasion arose », says he. 

« I felt an increased affinity towards them and had nothing but respect and admiration for the effort they put into spending their days productively in parks. And quite frankly, I found them to be infinitely more interesting subjects than the younger generation whose eyes are glued to their smartphones ».