Ocean Art 2018 just unveiled the winners of the 2018 edition. With their stunning cliches, photographers highlight the beauty of marine wildlife but also the emergency of protecting the oceans. This year, more than 70 countries participated to the contest, putting forward the best underwater reporters around the world. The final selection has been done by a professional jury composed by notorious names such as  Tony Wu, Martin Edge et Marty Snyderman, and the founder of the  magazine Underwater Photography, the institution that organises the award, Scott Gietler. From the wide angle to macrophotography, the artist could chose between a lot of techniques and categories (portraits, landscapes, animals’ behavior).  A collection of poetic images, opening a window on a mysterious universe, even less known than the space, melting technique virtuosity and sense of the story telling. Here our favorite shoots.

© Anders Nyberg/Ocean ARt 2018 © PT Hirschfield/Ocean Art 2018 © Doris Vierkötter/Ocean Art 2018 © Antonio Pastrana/Ocean Art 2018 © François Baelen/Ocean Art 2018 © Greg Lecœur/Ocean Art 2018 © Jeff Milisen/Ocean Art 2018 © Matteo Visconti/Ocean Art 2018 © Duncan Murrell/Ocean Art 2018