With his series « Mystical », the multi-award winning fine art photographer Neil Burnell, take us to discover the magic within the woodland. A fairytale-like atmosphere which makes our imagination work. It’s in Wistman’s Wood, on Dartmoor, Devon, England, that he took these photographs. A special place from his childhood, that offers an ideal frame, and where he returned as an adult. There, he remembered his feeling and thoughts of that period of his life, and transmits them, today, through his lens. The thick fog, the moss, and the general appearance of the trees affirm the mystical vibe of the place. In his work, Neil Burnell loves to try and produce an atmosphere, as he did for that series. That reason wasn’t the only one, in the choice of Wistmans: « The woodland is also notoriously difficult to photograph and I love a challenge » says he.