« Through my photography, I hope to import fragments of fantasy to the viewer, encouraging them to take a momentary step out of their reality », says Peter Li. This self taught photographer based in London started shooting when his first daughter was born. « Like many dads out there, I wanted to document my growing family », he adds. Even if the artist always had a spot for classic architecture, he never thought about photographing it, until 2015. « I met 2 aspiring photographers who shared their passion for architecture photography with me. Through their inspiration, I have learnt to be attentive in achieving symmetry and be mindful in my composition and line work ».

Ever since, Peter Li offers unique and inspiring pictures of various architectural works. « Living in London, we have all sorts of architecture; we often find a classic gem nestled amongst modern skyscrapers. I owe London for fuelling my passion for this genre. Also, I often look for inspiration from paintings, movies & video games. I started gaming from a very young age, and I think it has impacted my photography more so than any other art-form. My love for Classic Architecture has less to do with the structure itself but rather an inner dialogue with my youthful self ».

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @pli.panda