« I think we live on a paradise planet, we just have to realize it », says Ben Simon Rehn. The German photographer that lives in Iceland since five years offers here a magical series called « Art of nature ». Not planned at all, these unique pictures were taken when the artist was flying with his friend @Volcanopilot over Iceland, when another friend came and joined them with his plane. « Suddenly we were circling above the majestic glacial river streams with the plane straight under us and I started shooting. After looking at the final photos, I thought it would make a good project to show the beauty of the Icelandic glacial rivers in my own vision ».

« What inspires me especially in Iceland are the changing conditions regarding lights, colors and surroundings. When I capture an image, it’s like I create a lifetime memory of a situation, that will never be the same again. Finding new compositions and trying out new things in the still very young field of digital photography pushes me to keep creating new things. For me, it is also important to show what heaven our Earth really is, whether it is wildlife of landscapes. To let people appreciate and respect it more. I believe it is important to create awareness about climate change and the massive extinction of animals we are experiencing ».

Found more about his pictures on his Instagram Page : @bensimonrehn