Alessandro de Maddalena is one of the world’s leading shark experts. Researcher, expedition leader, and author, he is also an illustrator and a naturalist photographer. Real passionate, he has dedicated almost all his life to this species. One of the fundamental parts of his work consists of giving lectures on the biology of sharks in universities, museums and diving associations, for which he uses his own images. During the writing of his many books, reports or articles, Alessandro likes to take care of the different parts that compose them, including also the illustrations. For them, he favors the use of ink and pen, a technique he particularly likes. 

As for the practice of photography, it is, for him, a passion for a very long time: « It wasn’t about wildlife photography in the beginning, but mostly portraits, architectures, and landscapes. But when in 2010 I started to host great white shark expeditions to South Africa, I suddenly realized that I had a unique opportunity to reach another level in the use of my own images for my work. I’m now spending a very large part of my time to take photos of sharks and other marine animals, to edit them, cataloging them, and selling them », he precise about it.