This was the idea of Julien Nonnon, through his new photographic series called « crying animals ». To raise public awareness to the possible disappearance of iconic animals such as wolfs, lynxs, bears, falcons or ibex, the artist wanted to make something big. « This theme is really close to my heart and I’ve been thinking about it for several years now. But to me it was necessary to think about it with the greatest technical means possible. I wanted to find projectors powerful enough and mobile at a time to be able to project monumental images on cliffs of a height of several hundred meters high. My work begins with the realization of my visuals which are then engraved on glass plates. That allows me to obtain projected images of an extreme quality, with no pixel », he says.

« With the ephemeral nature of my luminous frescoes, I want to make the public aware that the presence of these animals in these natural spaces is threatened. These emblematic species from our mountains have become vulnerable in this fragile ecosystem », he adds. A beautiful project for the one who has developed a « neo-parietal art by replacing the pigments of rock paintings with lights ».

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @juliennonnon.